Merit Lining Systems aims to please. We supply and install various lining materials to suit the needs of our clients.

Heap & Dump Leach Pads

Gold, copper and nickel mining.
Design advice and flexible funding options available.

Pond & Dam Liners

Mining industrial and rural applications.
Potable, industrial and contaminated water.
Small jobs can be prefabricated.
Single and double lined.


Single layer through to multi layer with leak detection.
Composite (HDPE & GCL) lining systems a specialty.
Base and capping systems.
City & regional applications.

Tank, Reservoir and Channel/Canal Liners

Drop in prefabricated liners up to complex composite reservoir lining systems.
World leader in the lining and sealing of leaking concrete reservoirs with internal columns.
Water supply channels and canals both on subgrade and on top off existing concrete.

Floating Covers

Evaporation, contamination and odour control.
Range of colours and material types.
Integrated gas collection systems.

Secondary Containment

Bund liners for oil and chemical tanks.
Chemical/waterproof barrier under concrete slabs.
Culvert wrapping.

However, we are not limited to just these uses! Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about a project that you believe could use our services!